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MJ Roxas, MNL. Technology Consultant by profession, traveler by choice. -- Travel the world physically, and beyond through books.

Other interests: snow globe, Philosophy, fashion, and the arts.

How I spent my #Saturday night: finished WFE; scribbled thoughts and reflections. Did I just graduate from early 20s #weekend #parties way too early?!

Fiction Bucket List:

Perform with Marlena and Rosie.

Don’t you dare damp your feet. It’s the #Thermal #Valley.

I’d love to have this rug! O_O

(via teacoffeebooks)

Places like this amuse me: wooden crafts and furnitures, minimalist walls, and adorable greenery.

Ever wonder what is it like roaming around the streets of Taipei? Aside from the obvious cleanliness and safety, it gives you the feeling of how responsible and traffic law-abiding citizens there are; plus the healthy lifestyle of choosing to ride a bike most of the time.